March 16, 2018

The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) has reached an agreement with Simon Fraser University to expand study and space options for students at the Surrey Campus. Space improvements, dedicated project rooms, and after hours study spots are a few areas SFU will make a priority for students starting today.

“Back in summer, the SFSS indicated a strong need for additional space options at the Surrey campus,” said SFSS President Hangue Kim. “We began exploring new study and social options for undergraduate students at SFU’s Surrey Campus. With a petition and survey, we were able to identify the importance of expanding study, multi-purpose and project work space. Thank you to all the students who provided their feedback.”

The SFSS continued to meet with the University Administration regarding this matter and sent them a report requesting additional space for students. As a result, SFU embraced the SFSS report and responded with an agreement addressing the concerns. The highlights of the agreement are as follows:

  • Nine open locations will be included in study enhancements. The proposed improvements include adding power outlets, additional overhead lighting and additional seating. The locations are included in appendix I. The project will be completed in a timely manner over the next year.
  • Classrooms will be available for study spaces after hours starting today. All classrooms on Galleria 3 will be left unlocked until midnight, and classrooms on Galleria 5 will also be opened by Security on an as-requested, as-needed basis.
  • Two galleria classrooms will be dedicated Project Rooms for student group work each semester starting today. The rooms will be identified each semester; due to class requirements, SFU cannot dedicate rooms on an ongoing basis. The classrooms for this semester are included in appendix II. Tools for projects will be available through a mobile cart from SFU. The locations of the rooms will be communicated by SFU each semester. SFU Recreational Services will make banks of lockers available for student projects at no cost and we are still working on a solution for larger storage of projects between working sessions.
  • Makerspace Unit 190B extended until the end of the Summer 2018 semester.

“With the feedback of the SFSS, we’re hoping to make even more improvements,” said the Executive Director of the SFU Surrey Campus, Stephen Dooley. “A few examples of this include working with the North Surrey Recreation Centre (directly across campus) to use their space for club activities and securing a strong student voice at the table for future SFU development projects.”

The securing of additional student space on the Surrey campus is also aligned with student sentiment that has been regularly expressed in Surrey. SFU will continue to work diligently to improve the student experience at the Surrey campus.

“We are excited for this new development in addressing the space concerns at the Surrey Campus,” said Kim. “We believe that student interests should be an important consideration in the decisions for the expansion for SFU Surrey, and we look forward to ensuring that the needs of students are well-considered in the final decisions that will be made.”



Hangue Kim
SFSS President

Stephen Dooley
Executive Director, Campus Administration, SFU Surrey


Click here to view Appendix I

Click here to view Appendix II