• All SUB bookable spaces are available to be booked 9am – 10pm/ 7days a week. Booked spaces must be cleaned up, cleared and vacated by 10pm
  • The MBC Forum Chambers is bookable 9am -9pm
  • The SFSS does not currently allow overnight events in the SUB or SFSS controlled spaces
  • Events may only occur in designated event spaces and must be booked in advance
  • There is no solicitation, flyering, or handing things out while walking through the building  allowed in the SUB – please do not approach people
  • An event is anything other than a meeting of group members (meetings can be for social purposes, related to the group mandate, planning, training, etc.)
  • Events are often one off in nature or are in addition to or a change from standard meetings
  • An event is anything that has people invited that are not members of your group. This could include the general student body, SFU community, general public, speakers, presenters, etc.
  • Anything that requires set up (set up = movement or additions of furniture/equipment) by the SUB building Staff, SFU Facilities, or an external group
  • Anything with resources that are additional to what is already in the space
  • Anything that is ticketed or requires registration (free or with a charge)
  • Anything with catering or food that is not snacks, pizza, individual fast food, coffee


  • No SFU Catering, no unpackaged food provided to non group members, does not require food permit of any kind
  • Set up no larger than movement of furniture already existing within the space and no additional SFU facilities, AV requests
  • No significant public or political figures or controversial guests
  • ONLY SFU Community, students, group members
  • Requires the use of only one room/space for less than 6 hours

Large/Complex Events

  • Anything that is catered by SFU, Serves unpackaged food to non group members, requires food safe or a food permit
  • Requires furniture/equipment be brought in or removed from a space (examples are any events in the SUB Ballroom or most events in the SUB Social Stage Lounge)
  • Anything that requires SFU facilities, AV, MECS or external vendors
  • Significant public or political figures or controversial guests
  • Guests include those external to SFU community
  • Any event requiring multiple rooms or needing a space for more than 6 hours

A request for a space does not guarantee a confirmed booking. It can take between 3 to 10+ business days to get a confirmed booking depending on your responsiveness to questions and the level of complexity of your event.

*It is recommended you request your space a month  in advance regardless of your event classification to ensure space availability and allow processing time

 DO NOT promote your Event or sell tickets until your space is confirmed.  

*changes to scope of event or required information being provided after confirmation may result in cancellation.

*SFSS/The SUB allows catering and food from any licensed/permitted  food service provider (proof of license/permit and insurance may be requested)

If you are serving food at a private event (members only), or serving store-bought snacks or pre-packaged snacks, a temporary food premises permit is not required.

Any food that is being served to the public (anyone not part of your group), and/or being altered on site (cooked, mixed, popped etc.) requires you fill out  a Temporary Food Premises Application and receive a temporary permit.

Temporary Food Premises Applications take 2 weeks to be processed and must be emailed directly to Fraser Health. At least one on-site event organizer must have a valid Foodsafe Level 1 Certification and the person listed on the Temporary Food Premises Permit MUST be onsite for the event

Temporary Food Premises Permits

Any event that is serving food that is not individually wrapped and prepackaged to the general public (events that are not by invite or for closed groups)

  • this includes but is not limited to things like individual cookies, doughnuts, cake, drinks poured into cups, fruit platters etc

Any event that is serving catered, restaurant food to the general public that is picked up or delivered where a representative of the licensed establishment is not on site

Any event that is open to the public (not only invited guests) where you are preparing or changing the form of food

  • This includes but is not limited to cooking, baking, mixing drink mix, cotton candy, making popcorn etc

A temporary food premises application does not need to be filled out in the following cases

  • If you use MECS Catering
  • If you are using BLENZ catering
  • If your event is a closed event with only invited guests
  • If all of your food is individually packaged
  • If a representative of the catering company is on onsite and responsible for the food
    • This (if not MECS) requires proof of license and proof of insurance

For any event that requires a Temporary Food Premises Permit, the permit holder MUST be on site for the duration of the event and the permit must be, if not visible, easily accessible

Your Temporary Food Premises Permit must be submitted to sub.bookings a min of 5 business days before your event

To obtain a Temporary Food Premises Permit you must have a valid FoodSafe certificate

*Food services of certain types may be limited to specific areas in the SUB as not to conflict with SUB tenants and operations

Level 2000

Community Kitchen 2125 (select bookings only, requests must be received at least 20 business days in advance – kitchen use training and Foodsafe required)

Meeting Room 2120, capacity 16

Meeting Room 2420, capacity 18

Meeting Room 2440, capacity 18

Level 3000

Social Stage Lounge Open Space – Centre Area and Stage Space (orange chairs and low tables may not be moved)

Level 4000

Board Room/Multipurpose room 4200, capacity 26 boardroom style chairs (up to 6 additional small chairs may be added)

Level 5000

Ballroom/Multipurpose room, max capacity by law 225, suggested max capacity dependant on set up and pending approval 150-180

*The ballroom comes as is as an empty space without furniture and ALL ballroom requests require an attached floor plan


MBC 2910: Forum Chambers – standard set up open space with tables and chairs available that may be set up by the group (and reset by the group at the end of the booking)

SUB/SFSS Controlled Space Event Bookings are facilitated bookings that need approval from SFSS staff. They are booked on a first come, first served basis. There is no charge for space rental for clubs, SUs and affiliated groups. Event spaces can be requested via our online portal and staff will contact groups to work with them on processing these requests.

  • BASIC Event Requests must be made a minimum of 10 business days before an event. Business days are Monday to Friday  The 10 days does not include the day of the event or the business day the request is received. Stat and office holidays are NOT business days.
  • LARGE/COMPLEX Event Requests for the Ballroom, open spaces, or that require multiple rooms at once, require extensive set up, have significant public figures in attendance etc must be received no less than 20 business Business days are Monday to Friday. The 20 days does not include  the day of the event or the business day the request is received. Stat and office holidays are NOT business days.
    • Events that require round tables, linens, pipe and drape, staging, anything brought in by an external vendor must go through SFSS to MECS and MUST be received a min of 25 business days in advance.

IMPORTANT: ALLOW MORE TIME IF YOU ARE PLANNING A LARGE OR SIGNIFICANT EVENT or an event you know will need MECS assistance – make your initial inquiry a MINIMUM of 2 months in advance to allow for the information gathering phase before booking confirmation.

Changes to bookings, including cancellations must be made a minimum of 7 business days before the date of an event and may incur charges from the affected departments/organizations.

IMPORTANT: If change requests are made that alter the scope of the original request, the hold/booking may be canceled and the group will be asked to resubmit their request following the original timeline guidelines as this will be considered a new booking request.

Flagship, Yearly, Date Specific event requests may be made a semester in advance  – no more than 4 months before your event. A tentative hold will be placed on the date while you finalize plans. At least 6 weeks before the date held you must confirm you are still interested in the date and submit a fully filled in Event Space Request form and the final booking process and confirmation process will begin.

Event Requests remain tentative until all necessary information is provided and a confirmation email is received by the group from SFSS. The process to receive confirmation is as follows:

  • Request received
  • Details finalized
  • Group is sent an agreement email
  • Group replies to this email within 48 hours agreeing to its terms
  • A confirmation email is sent to the group

If Using MECS catering, MECS Event services,  SFU facilities services or SFU AV services additional steps may be required before or after confirmation

FILLING OUT A BOOKING REQUEST FORM:  it is crucial that ALL DETAILS of the event are provided – This includes but is not limited to:

  • Date and time of event
  • Time of set up and time of tear down
  • Diagram of Floorplan (hand drawn is fine)
  • All planned activities
  • What Food will be served and from where
  • Expected attendance
  • Speakers/Invited Guests

If groups are participating in activities not listed in their booking request and subsequent agreement email , they may be asked to leave the space and the event may be ended by any member of SFSS staff. This will be noted in your Group’s record in the SFSS Club/SU portal.

If change requests are made that alter the scope of the original request, the hold may be cancelled and the group will be asked to resubmit their request following the original timeline guidelines as this will be considered a new booking request.

If a group’s behavior or activities are considered contrary to SFSS policy, values and guidelines, SFSS reserves the right to shut down an event and refuse service temporarily or permanently.

Noise and sound must be kept to a reasonable level – your activity should not impact others doing their own activities. Staff reserves the right to ask for reduced noise levels.

Staff must be notified immediately of any spills, messes, damage, incidents.

Your Event may not overflow into other spaces, unless those spaces are also booked.

SFSS and SFU do not allow the consumption of alcohol in non licensed areas – no area in the SUB or SFSS Bookable space  is licensed. Groups found drinking or with open alcohol will immediately have their event ended and be asked to leave the Event space and the SUB

No smoking, vaping, drug use of any kind is permitted in SFSS spaces

Decoratations: No tape or pins may be used on walls, windows, doors of SUB spaces. Free standing decorations are recommended.

  • If you would like to hang decorations, black grates may be requested and will be supplied if available. No tape on black grates – binder clips, paper clips, twist ties and cable ties only

Spaces must be left as they were found, reset and all trash and recycling moved out to multi-stream bins.

SFU Facilities, AV and Catering orders will incur charges.

Vendors external to SFSS will incur charges – including event set up and additional event resources as requested and as needed

Staffing charges will be incurred for events outside of regular operational hours and may be incurred for events of substantial size and scope

Charges may be incurred for damages and will appear as a debit to your SFSS group trust account or be billed to your department/organization.

Charges may be incurred for expenses related to additional cleanup or extended prep time and will appear as a debit to your SFSS group trust account or be billed to your department/organization

Cancellation may incur charges if made later than the deadline and if charges are required be affected departments/organizations and will appear as a debit to your SFSS group trust account or be billed to your department/organization.

Furniture  and Equipment available to SFSS Clubs, SUs, and affiliated groups at no charge

20  – 6×2 tables

5  –  Tall Cocktail Rounds

20  – Tall Black Chairs

200  –  Black Chairs (Ballroom only)

10 – Black grates (subject to availability) for decorations/hang signage (no tape allowed. Please supply your own binder clips or paper clips)

8 – Stanchions

2  – Easel style white boards

AV Equipment avaialble to SFSS Clubs, SUs at no charge

The Room’s Built in in AV

2- portable TVs on rolling stands

4 wired mics for use in ballroom and social stage only

  • 2 standing MIC stands
  • 2 table top MIC stands

1 portable speaker with 2 wireless mics (suitable for karaoke in Forum Chambers, SUB4200, Ballroom)

1 portable speaker with a wired mic

SUB Ballroom Blank Floor Plan

Note the following:

  • You must submit a detailed floor plan of your set up requirements for ALL SUB ballroom bookings.
  • Include your floor plan with your request form.
  • Hand drawn floor plans are acceptable.
  • The large squares on the blank floor plan are 2×2 feet.


SFSS Student Groups may NOT contact MECS directly. All MECS requests must be facilitated by SFSS.

External Vendors

In order to facilitate MECS timelines for bringing in items from external vendors, SFSS requires your request be submitted at least 25 working business days  in advance of the event. The 25 days does not include the day the request is received or your event day.

Requests that require external vendors include but are not limited to lighting, pipe and drape , round tables, AV systems, linens.

MECS Catering

Standard drop off MECS catering requests for SUB spaces must be made through the SFSS and your finalized order must be received by the SUB Bookings Coordinator no less than 15 business days before your event. Your catering request to SFSS must include:

  • Item Name
  • Number of orders of the item (note the units in each order and minimum orders required)
  • Price per order
  • Total price of all orders of the item
  • Time you will be serving the food/your guests will be eating

Full Service Catering through MECS (use of catering kitchen, catering staff remain on site for buffet service, sit down meal service) may also be requested through SFSS. PLEASE allow at least 25 business days.

If you are applying for a grant for your catering, please indicate that in your bookings request form or email

SFU AV Services

The SUB provides built-in AV in all spaces. If you require additional AV such as live streaming, this is considered a Large/Complex event and you must submit your request 25 business days in advance of your event.

SFU Facilities

SFU Facilities can provide 6’ tables, 8’ tables, additional electrical services, large rolling white boards etc. These are the standard things you see around campus and please note that they are not in great condition. All facilities requests for the must be made through the SUB Bookings Coordinator.  Anything with facilities set up is a large/complex event and requires 25 days.

If you have questions or concerns about your booking, booking request, denial of a request please email sub.bookings@sfss.ca

In the case that your concern is not resolved by the bookings department, please contact facilities.manager@sfss.ca