All SUB bookable spaces are available to be booked 9am – 10pm/ 7 days a week. Booked spaces must be vacated by 10pm. Exceptions are exclusively at the discretion of the SFSS and will incur charges.

  • An event is anything other than a meeting of group members (meetings can be for social purposes, related to the group mandate, planning, training, etc.)
  • Events are often one off in nature or are in addition to or a change from standard meetings
  • An event is anything that has people invited that are not members of your group. This could include the general student body, SFU community, general public, speakers, presenters, etc.
  • Anything that requires set up by the SUB building Staff, SFU Facilities, or an external group
  • Anything with resources that are additional to what is already in the space
  • Anything that is ticketed (free or with a charge)
  • Anything with catering or food that is not snacks, pizza, individual fast food, coffee


  • No Catering, does not require food permit of any kind
  • Set up no larger than the movement of tables that are in the space already, addition of food tables, a few extra chairs
  • No SFU facilities, AV, catering requests
  • No significant public or political figures or controversial guests
  • ONLY SFU Community, students, group members

Large/Complex Events

  • All SUB Ballroom bookings
  • Anything that is catered, required food safe or food permit
  • Set up that requires multiple tables or chairs to be brought in or additional SFSS resources
  • Anything that requires SFU facilities, AV, MECS or external vendors
  • Significant public or political figures or controversial guests
  • Guests external to SFU community

A request for a space does not guarantee a confirmed booking. It can take between 3 to 10+ business days to get a confirmed booking depending on your responsiveness to questions and the level of complexity of your event. DO NOT promote your Event or sell tickets until your space is confirmed.

*changes to scope of event or required information being provided after confirmation may result in cancellation.

If you are serving food at a private event (members only), or serving store-bought snacks or pre-packaged snacks, a food permit is not required. Any food that is being served to the public, and/or being altered on site (cooked, mixed, popped etc.) requires a Temporary Food Premises Application. They take 2 weeks to be processed and must be emailed directly to Fraser Health. At least one on-site event organizer must have a valid Foodsafe Level 1 Certification.

*Food services of certain types may be limited to specific areas in the SUB as not to conflict with SUB.

Level 2000

  • Meeting Room 2120, capacity 16
  • Meeting Room 2420, capacity 18
  • Meeting Room 2440, capacity 18

Level 3000

  • Social Stage Lounge Open Space – Centre area and Stage Space

Level 4000

  • Board Room/Multipurpose room 4200, capacity 26

Level 5000

  • Ballroom/Multipurpose room, capacity 220

SUB Event Bookings are facilitated bookings that need approval from SFSS staff. They are booked on a first come, first served basis. There is no charge for space rental for clubs, SUs and affiliated groups. Event spaces can be requested via our online portal and staff will contact groups to work with them on processing these requests.

  • BASIC Event Requests must be made a minimum of 10 business days before an event (not including the business day received or the day of the event). *NOTE Granting guidelines when requesting space because grants will not be approved without space being booked. SPACE IS LIMITED.
  • LARGE/COMPLEX Event requests for the Ballroom, open spaces, or that require multiple rooms at once, require extensive set up, have significant public figures in attendance etc must be received no less than 20 business days before the event (not including the business day received or the day of the event). IF YOU ARE PLANNING A LARGE EVENT – make your initial inquiry a minimum of 2 months in advance to allow for the information gathering phase before booking confirmation.

Changes to bookings, including cancellations must be made a minimum of 7 business days before the date of an event and may incur charges from the affected departments/organizations.

IMPORTANT: If change requests are made that alter the scope of the original request, the hold/booking may be canceled and the group will be asked to resubmit their request following the original timeline guidelines as this will be considered a new booking request.

Requests to reserve spaces for flagship, yearly, date specific events may be made a semester in advance  – no more than 4 months before your event. A tentative hold will be placed on the date while you finalize plans. At least one month before the date held you must confirm you are still interested in the date and the final booking process and confirmation process will begin.

Event Requests remain tentative until all necessary information is provided and a confirmation email is received by the group from SFSS.

When filling out the Booking Request, it is crucial that all details of the event are provided – This includes but is not limited to:

  • Date and time of event
  • Time of set up and time of tear down
  • All planned activities
  • Expected attendance
  • Speakers/Invited Guests

If groups are participating in activities not listed in their booking request, they may be asked to leave the space and the event may be ended by any member of SFSS staff. This will be noted in your Group’s record in the SFSS Club/SU portal.

AS NOTED ABOVE: If change requests are made that alter the scope of the original request, the hold may be cancelled and the group will be asked to resubmit their request following the original timeline guidelines as this will be considered a new booking request.

If a group’s behavior or activities are considered contrary to SFSS policy, values and guidelines, SFSS reserves the right to shut down an event and refuse service temporarily or permanently.

  • Noise and sound must be kept to a reasonable level – your activity should not impact others doing their own activities. Staff reserves the right to ask for reduced noise levels.
  • Staff must be notified immediately of any spills, messes, damage, incidents.
  • Your Event may not overflow into other spaces, unless those spaces are also booked.
  • Spaces must be left as they were found, reset and all trash and recycling moved out to multi-stream bins.
  • SFU Facilities, AV and Catering orders will incur charges.
  • Vendors external to SFSS will incur charges – including event set up and additional event resources as requested and as needed
  • Staffing charges will be incurred for events outside of regular operational hours and may be incurred for events of substantial size and scope
  • Charges may be incurred for damages and will appear as a debit to your SFSS group trust account.
  • Charges may be incurred for expenses related to additional cleanup or extended prep time.
  • Cancellation may incur charges if made later than the deadline and if charges are required be affected departments/organizations.