January 7, 2022

This past December, the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) took immediate action to support victims affected by the floods that occurred across the province of British Columbia. The SFSS Council contributed $10,000.00 which helped provide monetary donations and purchase of physical goods. The SFSS collaborated with other partners including SFU’s three campuses, GSS, clubs, faculty and student groups, SFU Childcare, Highlands Elementary School, Point Church, Nesters, Chartwells, Nesters at UniverCity, Polaris Realty, West Coast Pilots Club, SFU Ancillary Services, SFU Engagement, Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen, UniverCity Community Association, SFSS Staff, and SFU Students and Staff. These partners made this possible and for that, we were thankful. We were able to utilize the Student Union Building as a central location to support the storage of donations and a drop-off point. 

The SFSS will be contributing $4000.00 to the First Nation Emergency Services Society to further support Indigenous remote communities who have been impacted by the flooding and precarious weather conditions.

With the support of our SFSS Staff, SFU Staff and faculty, and community members we were able to receive a total of 2,442 physical donations. These donations were delivered to the Langley airport in collaboration with West Coast Pilots. The items were successfully delivered to remote communities. And, there was a total of around $26,000 in monetary donations from partnership and community members. 

We wanted to share this with you and say a big THANK YOU for your continued support and contributions especially around the Holiday season. Many families have been supported by your efforts. And we hope that with your continued support, we will be able to provide the victims with the needed services and resources.

We could not have done this without our partners, staff, students and the entire SFU Community. Thank you for your efforts and support and we wish you a prosperous New Year.

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Simon Fraser Student Society