September 21, 2022

The first weeks of school can bring stress, overwhelm, and barriers. If you’re looking for a supportive space to connect with peers or quietly recharge, check out the SFU Disability & Neurodiversity Alliance’s Fall Social.

The Social is on September 29 from 1pm-5pm, at the DNA Resource Centre (Room 1300 in the Student Union Building). There will be games, colouring books, and other low-key activities that you can participate in as a group or on your own.  For full event details & accessibility info, visit:

Image Description: Graphic of disabled and neurodivergent folks with various skin tones and gender identities, hanging out against a warm yellow background. There is a blind person, two wheelchair users, an amputee, and a person with invisible disabilities. Above them, autumn leaves fall and dark blue text reads: “Disability & Neurodiversity Alliance Fall Social. Meet like-minded peers, join low-key games & activities, and learn about DNA’s advocacy and how to get involved.”