February 5, 2021

Simon Fraser University Students are urging Burnaby City Council to back TransLink’s proposed Burnaby Mountain Gondola with a new campaign aimed at securing the City’s support.

“Students from all walks of life are joining with businesses and residents to tell the City Council that it’s time to back the project and get it built for our community,” said Simon Fraser Student Society President Osob Mohamed.

Mohamed said the SFSS has sent Burnaby City Council a letter detailing the reasons why it supports the Gondola and has launched a website encouraging students to do the same. Burnaby City Council will soon consider the proposal following an extensive public consultation process that showed widespread community support for the project.

 “The Burnaby Mountain Gondola is safe, reliable and eco-friendly. It’s a cost-effective transit solution for commuters who face some of the worst commute times in the Lower Mainland.  It will greatly improve transit for everyone in the Burnaby community, and reconnect the city with the growing SFU population.”

“The issue has been studied extensively,” said Mohamed. “The Gondola is the best and most cost-effective solution to a problem that’s only going to get worse if action isn’t taken now.  It’s time to fix transit on Burnaby Mountain, and give students and the Burnaby community a lift. It’s time to build the Burnaby Mountain Gondola.”

Osob Mohamed
SFSS President

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