December 2, 2022

Burnaby BC,

Dec 2, 2022 

Dear Members of the Emily Carr Students Union, 

We stand in resolute Solidarity with the Emily Carr Students Union and their Members regarding the outlandish tuition hikes being faced by students at Emily Carr University.

The Simon Fraser Student Society strongly opposes all tuition increases, refer to our Issues Policies-3 for more information. This proposal to increase tuition, specifically by 30% for incoming international students, and 10% for returning international students targets vulnerable groups who already face difficulty in adapting to a new place, without the same support many would have at home. 

Students are facing a multitude of issues, rising costs, transportation, rent, health costs, especially since students are paying $75 a month for healthcare. As such, tuition increases are a barrier to accessing education and finances should not prove as a barrier to education. 

International students cannot be relied on to subsidize education for domestic students, the government should be providing funding for students, making post-secondary, accessible and safe. 

We call on the BC Premier David Eby and Minister Anne Kang, the Minister of Advanced Education in B.C. to: 

  1. Stop ALL Tuition Increases 

  2. Implement a Tuition Freeze 
  3. Public Funding for Post-Secondary Education 

  4. Stop Relying on International Students to Fund Public Post-Secondary Education. 

Learn more about Emily Carr’s Student Union opposition against Tuition hikes at Emily Carr here:

Learn more about the BCFS international Student Fairness campaign:

Learn More about the Tuition Freeze Now campaign at SFU, UVIC and UBC here:

In Solidarity, 

Eshana Baran

Vice-President External and Community Affairs

Simon Fraser Student Society Office of External and Community Affairs

Simon Fraser Student Society

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