The SUB was originally planned to be built within a renovated Lorne Davies Complex alongside a stadium seating facility. When the decision was later made to build the SUB between the AQ and the MBC, plans for the stadium remained at Terry Fox Field.

In Spring 2017, the SFSS Board of Directors signed a Stadium Project Contribution Agreement with SFU. The agreement outlines the project scope and funding:

  • SFSS will contribute up to $10 million to the project. Any project costs above this amount will be funded by SFU.
  • The minimum scope of the project will be 1,800 seats, a roof, and a press box.
  • The $10 million contribution will be made over 15 years and the SFSS will not take out a loan to fund the project. This will eliminate approximately $4 million in interest costs that the SFSS would have otherwise been required to pay to a bank.
  • SFU will be responsible for building the stadium by August 2020.
  • SFU will provide the SFSS with $50,000 annually for 15 years to be used to assist undergraduate students (SFSS members) experiencing financial need.

A finalized scope, work plan, and budget was approved by the SFSS in January 2018 and construction is expected to be underway by early 2019.