July 25, 2022

Hot temperatures across the province are underway and are expected to last all week. According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, daytime temperatures will range from 31 to 35 degree celsius inland and 25 to 29 degrees celsius near water. The hottest time of the day will be late afternoon to early evening while the coolest time of the day will be near sunrise. Stay hydrated and follow extreme weather alerts! Remember extreme heat affects everyone– below are some ways to stay cool.

  • Keep hydrated with water, and avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages because this increases the risk of dehydration. 
  • At home, it is recommended to set up air conditioning and fans as temperatures rise. However, it is not recommended to continue using electric fans when the temperature outside is greater than 35℃ because this increases the chance of heat-related illnesses. So, it’s recommended that you visit a cooling centre.
  • Wear light and loose clothing to allow for more air flow. 
  • As the weather gets hotter, limit the amount of physical activity and stay indoors to keep cool. 
  • Take cold showers or baths or go for a swim to lower your body temperatures.
  •  It is also recommended to make no-bake recipes to reduce the amount of heat circulating at home.
  • Parents and guardians should not leave kids in hot vehicles, because kids can experience heat strokes. Pets should not be left in hot enclosed vehicles. 
  • Lastly, close the drapes/ curtains to reduce the heat radiated into your homes.

Signs of Heat stroke

You may be experiencing signs of heatstroke based on the following symptoms:

  • Signs of heat illness (Dizziness or fainting, nausea or vomiting, headache, rapid breathing and heartbeat, extreme thirst, decreased urination (typically dark yellow), and changes in behaviour in children)
  • Unconsciousness
  • Confusion
  • Lack of sweating despite being hot

If this occurs, immediately call your local emergency phone number for medical attention.

Cooling centres in the Lower Mainland

These Cooling Centres will operate from 10am to 10pm daily until extreme heat has ended, at the following locations:

North Burnaby

Cameron Community Centre (9523 Cameron St)

Eileen Dailly Leisure Pool & Fitness Centre (240 Willingdon Ave)

South Burnaby

Bonsor Recreation Complex (6550 Bonsor Ave)

Edmonds Community Centre (7433 Edmonds St)


Fraser Heights Recreation Centre

10588 160 Street


Guildford Recreation Centre

15105 105 Avenue



Central Branch

350 W Georgia St, Vancouver

Hours of operation during heatwave:

M-Th: 9:30am-8:30 pm

Fr: 9:30am-6pm

Sa: 10am-6pm

Su: 11am-6pm

Ultimately, stay cool,  hydrated and check up on each other, especially the elderly!