March 20, 2020

Support international students in B​.​C. amid COVID-19 by signing this petition.

The petition mentions, that “amid the contagion, hundreds of thousands of international students across Canada are left vulnerable. While the Federal and B.C. governments have announced a stimulus package to support citizens, it is silent on assistance and funding for more than 155,000 international students in the province.”

The request is straightforward:

Appeal to the Federal and Provincial governments to take action now and support international students, regardless of their immigration status. Students are calling for a strong, definite plan of support in terms of the following:

  1. Financial aid and temporary relief plan for thousands of students losing their jobs
  2. Increased hours for international students working in sectors stated above (as Australia has done); to be allowed to work to support themselves
  3. Cancellation and reimbursement of medical insurance premiums
  4. Reentry for students who have left Canada for their spring break
  5. Reunification with immediate family members flying from outside Canada

Sign the petition here.