Working together to improve
the student experience

The Simon Fraser Student Society is a student-led organization that represents and advocates for the interests of the 25,000+ undergraduate students at SFU. We are your not-for-profit support network and voice at SFU and provide services and support to make your student life better.

We support. We provide. We enhance.

The SFSS is governed by a student-elected Board of Directors that is elected every spring semester. They are advised by Council, a body representing every faculty and departmental student union across all three SFU campuses. The indispensable SFSS permanent and student staff assist our activities with front-line services and behind-the-scenes support.

Mission Statement: The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) exists to improve the health and wellbeing, academic conditions, social experience, and financial conditions of our members.

Organizational Values:  In all its activities, the members, employees, and guests of the Society will act in a manner consistent with the Society’s fundamental values:

• Inclusivity
• Integrity
• Empowerment
• Advocacy
• Community


Whether it’s affordable medical coverage or free legal advice you need, you’ll be surprised at how much we offer:

  • Main office:  Maggie Benston Centre 2270 at the Burnaby campus.
  • Secondary office:  SUR 390 at the Surrey campus.

The Simon Fraser Student Society was established in 1967. Since our inception, we have worked with our members and other stakeholders to improve the undergraduate student experience at SFU.

In the last 49 years, we have:

  • Initiated hundreds of campaigns
  • Hosted thousands of unique events
  • Developed and delivered many key programs and services
  • Advocated for change on behalf of students
  • Supported hundreds of thousands of students in becoming more engaged with their school community and each other

In fall 2015, we developed a more comprehensive 3-year Strategic Plan. It is also under continuous review for improvements.

Our goals:

  1. Bring the full advantage of our connections to students, student groups and   other stakeholders
  2. Strengthen existing and new strategic relationships
  3. Identify key priorities to help us determine where we should invest funds, staff time and other resources
  4. Ensure that our operations are effective, efficient and focused on adding value for members
  5. Communicate regularly and effectively with our members and other stakeholders