July 12, 2021

We encourage students to once again show their support and stand in solidarity with Contract Workers at SFU by joining their “Creating a Fairer SFU” workshop this Tuesday (July 13), from noon to 1 pm.

While food and cleaning service workers are an essential part of the SFU community, they are outsourced to third-party companies, and not directly employed by SFU. This outsourcing practice results in a workforce with lower wages and less job security than other workers who are part of the campus community. Unlike other staff at SFU, this workforce, which is primarily comprised of women, racialized people, and immigrants, doesn’t receive a living wage, extended health benefits, or an appropriate health and dental care plan.

Join them to hear from frontline workers and community leaders about contract worker justice at SFU and strategize about how to bring food service and custodial workers back in house as full members of the campus community.

RSVP and learn more: https://bit.ly/3ebeb1Y

The SFSS and Contract Workers at SFU

The Simon Fraser Student Society historically stands in solidarity with Contract Workers at SFU and endorses the Contract Worker Justice SFU Campaign. Earlier this year (March 26th, 2021), the 2020-2021 Board of Directors passed a motion to urge Simon Fraser University to employ food service workers and cleaners directly and work towards having better pay and benefits for these workers through CUPE and Unite Here! as their bargaining agents.

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Whereas, cleaning and food service workers at SFU are outsourced by the University, and not directly employed by SFU.
Whereas, this system leads to lack of job security, excludes workers from services provided by SFU, and results in low wages and precarious work.
Whereas, cleaners and food service workers on campus are primarily women, people of colour, and immigrants.
Whereas, the “Contract Worker Justice SFU” campaign has emerged to urge SFU to operate cleaning and food services back in house and employ these workers directly.
Be it resolved that the Board of Directors support and endorse the “Contract Worker Justice SFU” campaign
Be it further resolved that the SFSS sign onto the Open Letter on Contracted Services.