August 11, 2022

During the month of July, the executive committee was immersed in various projects. Our VP Events organized a LinkedIn photoshoot and Spiderman movie night, which proved to be great successes for the student body. Meanwhile, VP External worked to put on a Water Drive to assist unhoused community members during the heatwave. Our VP External also attended the Stop TMX Community Townhall to learn more about the negative consequences of the pipeline construction. Student Care tabling was conducted by our VP Internal, President, and VP Finance to help educate students about their insurance plans. Further, our VP Finance worked alongside the finance coordinator on shifting SFSS cheques to electronic transfers, making for more efficient reimbursements. 

Full summary of what happened in July 2022 below:

  • New training guidelines and safeguards were proposed for Incoming Executive Officers and up for adoption by council. These new policies will allow for smoother transitions between executives, and the ability for them to be more successful in their roles, thus impacting students’ experiences in a positive way. The motion is titled “OTP-3: Incoming Executive Officers”, and can be found here
  • Sexual Violence Disclosure training for Council was held for the first time! Council was taught how to respond to sensitive matters and how to escalate it to the appropriate parties
  • VP External participated in the TransLink Roundtable and discussed transit options for students transiting from Maple Ridge
  • VP External attended the Bans off Our Bodies Solidarity Rally hosted by the Women’s Centre 
  • Scotiabank toured the Student Union Building with the President, VP Internal, Board Organizer and Building Manager. The visit helped maintain a strong relationship with Scotiabank, and they had the opportunity to see the SUB infrastructure that the SFSS took a loan from them to build. 
  • SFSS tuition consultation with Vice-Provost and Associate VP, Academic Wade Parkhouse, Vice-Provost and Associate VP, Students & International, President and VP University and Academic Affairs. This initiative aimed to encourage SFU to spend students tuition dollars more effectively, and prepare the release of the Tuition Consultation survey so students can provide their valued feedback
  • VP External Office handed out freezies to students during heatwave
  • VP Events held a movie night, social media self-care giveaway, and professional photoshoot