December 13, 2022

For this Holiday Season, SFSS Council is happy to announce passing a motion to donate $2500 to Contract Worker Justice @SFU. This donation will go towards purchasing 100 grocery cards to alleviate the financial burden resulting from seasonal layoffs and low pay. The SFSS hopes to bring joy to this crucial part of our community facing inadequate pay and discrimination at work. 

This decision comes in line with the SFSS advocacy work in support of a living wage and improved working conditions for all students and workers at SFU. One of the recent actions being SFSS support of the “End Outsourcing of Cleaning and Food Services Work at Simon Fraser University” campaign.

Contract Worker Justice @SFU (CWJ) is a grassroots coalition of faculty, students, food service and cleaning workers, their respective unions, and other community members at SFU. Their goal is to shed light on the negative effects of SFU’s outsourcing practice on the food and janitorial workers and on the campus community including daily exploitation and poor job security.